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  2. Republican Nominee 2012
  3. 99%
  4. Obama will win re-election
  7. Cain a Groper and Perry a Drunk?
  8. tOfficial Ron Paul for President 2012 Thread
  9. Bring back Dubya
  10. Bring back George...
  11. The NEW Christmas Tree Tax
  12. Rick Perry The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  13. Bachmann speach interupted by 99%
  14. Barry says no to 100,000+ jobs
  15. Another dumbass bites the dust!
  16. MS-DNC
  17. Retards ( Repubs ) Starting To Eat Their Own
  18. Dems distance themselves from the sitting Pres
  19. uh oh newt!
  20. Obamaville- a.k.a. OWS
  21. Perry wants to debate Pelosi
  22. 15 Trillion
  23. Why I don't mind MSUspartan voting Ron Paul
  24. Newt Calls Child Labor Laws Stupid
  25. Kildee-(D)-MI
  26. Poor Chris...The thrill is over
  27. FoxNews Viewers are Stupid
  28. Bachmann the fear mongerer called out
  29. Obama's Re-Election help
  30. If true, Obama can't win
  31. Barney retires
  32. Another Cain Woman Comes Forward
  33. I See Canada
  34. Watch Out Ron Paul!!!!!
  35. Obama has the lowest approval ever
  36. Obama's economic advisor
  37. Bachman Makes Major Foreign Policy Announcement
  38. Capt flippi flop gets called out
  39. Egypt now Islamic
  40. Ed Schultz...red ass
  41. Jobs up, Unemployment down
  42. Trump To Moderate Republican Debate
  43. War with Iran has begun?
  44. Rove vs Trump
  45. Rep Peter King Says Gingrich
  46. Unemployment problem is because
  47. First Lincoln, then Kennedy, FDR, Reagan, Truman
  48. This is why I hate Obama
  49. Official Gingrich attack thread
  50. Ron Paul Threatens your Prostate
  51. 76 %
  52. Ooooops Fox News
  53. Newt Pandering The Jewish Vote
  54. Romney Bets Perry 10 Grand
  55. Noot to Mittens
  56. Our leader
  57. Noots a dumbass
  58. Ricky-poo 4 Prez???
  59. Iraq War officially over
  60. Noot Pisses Off The Gay Community
  61. How great is America?
  62. Getting to know Noot
  63. Noot Imploding
  64. Payroll tax cuts
  65. Palin
  66. HEY DICK
  67. Trump Gets Along With The " Blacks"
  68. Obama Jets Off To Hawaii
  69. Noot Flipping and Flopping
  70. Noot Fails To Qualify For Virginia Primary Ballot
  71. New America 20 Video
  72. Predictions 2012
  73. Newt Polling 14% in Iowa
  74. Blame Bill Clinton for the mess the U.S.A. is in
  75. Iowa predictions...
  76. The Iowa Caucus Game? Thread
  77. Crazy Eyes Drops Out
  78. The Liar the Chicken Hawk and the Dangerous One
  79. McCains Romney Endorsement
  80. This is funny as hell!
  81. Mittens = Bob Dole
  82. Romney Could Be Set Up to Run Away With It
  83. Santorum Says Obama Is Hubris and Elitist
  84. Last Nights Debate
  85. Daley Resigns as White House Chief of Staff
  86. Americans fear Obama's re-election
  87. Palin Endorses Gingrich
  88. Little God Damn Dixville Notch
  89. Michelle Obama gonna cost him.
  90. Corporate Media: Primaries
  91. Hey ?
  92. Obama pulls a Perry
  93. Huntsman out
  94. CNN Poll Obama and Romney Tied (oh and Paul too).
  95. no wonder Mitt won't release his tax returns
  96. The Free-er Not to be the Decider
  97. Noots 2nd Wife Bombshell
  98. Perry out
  99. Ron Paul's Legal Illegal Drugs
  100. Megaupload gets shut down; Anonymous retaliates
  101. Santorum won Iowa!!!
  102. SC Voters asked what factors influence their vote
  103. Erin Burnett Interview Newt Gingrich on Infidelity
  104. South Carolina history
  105. Newt Has the Best Chance to Beat Obama
  106. Christie Calls Newt Embarrasment To Party
  107. Jeb Staying Neutral
  108. Budget Cuts
  109. So, was the "Occupy" Movement a success or failure
  110. Union Address and GoP rebutle
  111. Add 9 Somali Pirates To Obamas Body Count
  112. Pelosi: Gingrich presidency "not going to happen"
  113. Who won the FL debate?
  114. Noot Down 9 in Florida
  115. Romney Run Company Guilty Of Medicare Fraud
  116. Let's Not Stay Together and Say We Did
  117. For All you Sheep....
  118. Tough Night For Noot
  119. 234,000 Jobs Unemployment Down to 8.3 %
  120. Retards Up In Arms Over Chysler SB Add
  121. Do not go to war with Iran
  122. 9th Circuit Overturns Prop 8 In California
  123. Does Gingrich Remind Anybody Else of Cartman?
  124. Whats With Trumps Meltdown Over Santorum Wins ?
  125. Anyone think Administration will lose votes
  126. GOP getting rid of lunch breaks
  127. Happy Darwin Day, February 12th
  128. National Review urges Gingrich to drop out
  129. yeah, that auto-company bailout, bad idea, eh?
  130. Pre-schooler has her lunch taken away.
  131. Latest polls
  132. Mitts "Growing Up Michigan Add"
  133. Romney aide Paul Babeu resigns
  134. Is today's politics affecting your friendships?
  135. flipiddy floppy Santorum?!
  136. Sherrif Joe March 1st Presser
  137. Anyone Get A Call From Trump ?
  138. Santorum Caught Fudging Again
  139. Infanticide
  140. Dr. Seuss's Liberal Agenda
  141. America is Europe
  142. college educated = liberal?
  143. Thank God for American Movie Classics This Week
  144. Blunt Amendment defeated in Senate
  145. Obama is screwed!
  146. I Might Start Listening to Rush Limbaugh
  147. fat piece of shit apologizes to law student
  148. George Will Thinks Obama Will Win
  149. Santorum speech on Satan in schools
  150. Ron Paul Says Tough Luck Tornado Victims
  151. We're too dumb for democracy
  152. How Many Guys Does Fluke Fuck?
  153. Rep. Daniel Boman
  154. Limbaugh Hates Women lol
  155. Racial breakdown of Rep primary voting
  156. Joe The Plumber Wins
  157. Lotto winner on food stamps
  158. don't tell Rush...
  159. Game Change
  160. these people should not vote
  161. Krugman book thread continuation
  162. Santorum Says Fox News In The Tank For Mittens
  163. Obamacare has all ready doubled in cost
  164. Santorum Pisses Off The Puerto Ricans
  165. Do Not Hire Sandra Fluke to Plan a Party
  166. Santorum's "war on porn"
  167. were all fucked...except slick
  168. Russian Boots On The Ground In Syria
  169. Florida's "stand your ground" law
  170. Panjwai massacre
  171. History favors Romney
  172. Holder's speech to NW law
  173. Supreme Court votes 9-0 in favor of Sackett's right to a hearing
  174. Santorum backtracking
  175. Gingrich needs money
  176. Brothels are now legal....
  177. Keep Talking Mitt
  178. This is how it's done
  179. A Tax on Happiness?
  180. Keith Olbermann is Going to Sue Al Gore
  181. goddamn, florida is retarded.
  182. Santorum hates pink balls
  183. Mitch McConnell: Okay Santorum, you had your fun
  184. Sister Sarah Now Part Of The "Lamestream" media
  185. Sunday Shows Asking Where's Mittens
  186. Freudian slip?
  187. Malkin, Coulter, Palin
  188. NBC MSNBC Viewers
  189. Global Warming
  190. Obama wont go after Mormonism
  191. RON PAUL ASSASSINATION? (Video Report)
  192. Obama Executive Order of 3-16-2012
  193. Mike Wallace Dies
  194. Romney Should Pick Eric Cantor as VP Nominee
  195. Liver and Matzo Crackers and Gefelte Fish and Lamb
  196. Bush wishes his name wasn't attached to tax cuts
  197. Santorum Goes Bye Bye
  198. Allan West Has Gone Bat Shit Crazy
  199. Pay Your Bills Noot
  200. Zimmerman To Be Charged
  201. Manson Denied Paole
  202. O'keefe takes on Voter ID laws
  203. The Rush everyone likes
  204. Obama's re-elect chances historical stats
  205. First real GAllup Poll of 2012 race
  206. Nugent Goes Off The Rails
  207. Catholic bishops - GOP budget proposal fails moral test
  208. Barry gets bit in the Ass
  209. Zim Gets Bond
  210. Obama eats dog
  211. Is Mittens Gonna Flip Flop On Immigration ?
  212. MF Global's money
  213. Manchin-(D) says IDK
  214. Obama courting the young vote...
  215. Obama may have trouble with the old folks
  216. MSNBC says
  217. Hey michchamp
  218. Anyone See McCain Try And Paint Romney As A Reformer On Immigration
  219. Fox News Game
  220. Gingrich finally dropping out
  221. Hey... death roh
  222. Frontline: Money, Power, and Wall Street
  223. White House Correspondents Dinner Tonight
  224. Yoopers need to STFU
  225. Happy Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon
  226. hey Red
  227. Bin Laden was a threat????
  228. Jobs, Where are they?
  229. Top 5 Worst Presidents
  230. Funny vid about Republicans and Vaginas.
  231. Romney takes credit for auto industry bailout
  232. Romney was a jerk in high school
  233. Yay!
  234. I Didn't Make it to Clooney's Shindig for Obama Yesterday
  235. Mundo FOX
  236. Romney Didn't Euthenize/Anesthitize Frogs Before Disection in HS Biology Class
  237. Obama Ate that Poor Doggie Alive
  238. Definitions of short words
  239. Dumb people with too much money
  240. Herman Cain
  241. more Arizona stupidity
  242. NATO convention sucks
  243. Private Equity
  244. Notre Dame sucks
  245. WSJ - "Obama spending binge never happened"
  246. Goes Without Saying...
  247. just paid under $4/gallon for gas!
  248. Did they include Clarkston in this poll?
  249. President Obama Congratulates Romney on Garnering the Republican Nomination
  250. Trump: The Gift that Keeps on Giving...