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  1. Today's example of Christians behaving badly
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  8. Should There be a Separate Board for Anti-Religion
  9. Two Living Popes Declare Two Dead Ones Saints
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  20. ADMIN: Please rename "Religion" forum
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  22. Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails to Poison the Angels in Heaven?
  23. Priest brought up Cosmos today during Mass.
  24. I'm not sure what to think about this...
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  26. 4 Rabbis arrested on kidnapping charges
  27. Proof of Flood via Answers in Genesis
  28. Near slavery is still alive in SC bible college
  29. Wisconsin christians ruin sausagefest
  30. Yikes! Bare arms! Cover it up!
  31. Iranian actress to be publicly flogged
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  33. Why is this not in the news?
  34. Evolution? Rape!
  35. Biblical prophecy correctly predicted the internet
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  38. Courageous Movie and Book
  39. New World Order
  40. East German Atheism
  41. why atheists are so hated
  42. documentary on Christian marathoner "coached by God" ends predictably...
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  46. God's not Dead
  47. Sex!!!!
  48. Edmund Cardinal Szoka dies
  49. Jehovah's Bystanders Who Weren't Paying Attention
  50. Atheist vs. Christian Fundraiser
  51. Tea Party Satanists argue with Liberal Satanists in Michigan
  52. Smartest man in the world: I'm an atheist.
  53. happy and healthy new year
  54. NFL player penalized for praying
  55. Crossfit kool-aid drinkers
  56. Tinsel took his Jaclyn Glenn Fascination too far
  57. Jesus blah blah blah!
  58. Happy Birthday, Baha'u'llah
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  60. For the Faithful
  61. Recap of my Thanksgiving weekend
  62. We have a cure for AIDS!!!
  63. 114th Congress significantly more religious than the general population
  64. Notepad++ .org website hacked by Muslim "Fallaga Team"?
  65. Kid recants BS near-death experience story
  66. Sigh...Catholics....
  67. Russell Wilson blames his 4 INTs on the Christian god
  68. Hate Mail part 2
  69. For the Neo-Pagans
  70. Pope trolls US government
  71. Chapel Hill shooting
  72. buncha idiots maybe found "Jesus' house" in Nazareth
  73. Sizzlin' Hot Fajitas interrupt prayer
  74. Rep Justin Harris, adoption, demonic possession, rape
  75. Young Earth and more
  76. Tennessee's official state book can't be the Bible
  77. Vatican to recognize Palestine
  78. Only Christian Prayers Welcome at Lincoln County Meetings
  79. Scotsmen have had it with creationism
  80. "Young Earth" creationist discovers 60MM year old fossil
  81. Do people still believe in the Greek/Roman gods?
  82. Uh-oh!
  83. The Convent Horror
  84. Religion and homosexuality
  85. some churches using facial recognition software to track attendees
  86. Begun, the Church Wars have
  87. John Oliver - Church scams/Tax law
  88. No Surprise Here File: religious kids meaner than atheist kids
  89. How the King James Bible was made
  90. Catholic priest snorts cocaine in Nazi room
  91. A song for atheists.
  92. "Send me money and I will pray for you" guy closed down for fraud?
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  94. Spotlight (2015)
  95. What would it take?
  96. christian god destroys home of christian bigot
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  100. Inauguration
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  104. Hey Byco
  105. Pics from Orange Hitler's visit with the Pope
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  107. God used to be married
  108. Headline the Pope probably didn't want to read about
  109. Today's example of Christians behaving well
  110. Hurricane's a comin'
  111. 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 thesis
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  113. Tarvuism
  114. Trump's "spiritual advisor" Paula White: tithe me your January paycheck...or else!!
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